MPCA NEWS 11-8-2022

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Benjamin Franklin said it best: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”
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November 8, 2022
1. The Election: Thank You Candidates!
2. Reminders: Dues, Board Meeting, & PACEshow.
3. EV & Highway Signs: MODOT Proposing Changes To Their Highway Exit Guide & Logo Signage Program, & MPCA Needs Your Input ASAP (Final Reprint)!
4. Alcohol & Tobacco: Licensee “Managing Officers” Requirements (Final Reprint).
5. Exit Locations: Get Actively Involved With Highway & Interstate Construction Which Could Impact Your Exit Locations.
6. Fuels Institute EV Reports & Webinar:
►EV Charger Deployment Optimization.
►A Best Practice Guide For Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Regulations.
►How ICE Technology Helps Achieve A Lower Carbon Future.
7. Biofuel Infrastructure Incentives: Federal ($100 Million, Application Deadline 11/21/22) & State ($4.6 Million) Infrastructure Incentive Funds Now Available (Final Reprint)!
8. Federal Legislative & Regulatory Updates.
►Credit Card Fee Reminder: Urge Lawmakers To Cosponsor “The Credit Card Competition Act Of 2022".
►RFS & Small Refiners: GAO Determines Small Refiners Pay More To Comply With The RFS.
►EV Mandate: Urge The President To Deny The “California Car Mandate”.
►Heating Fuel: Urge Congress To Support Additional LIHEAP Funding.
►Electric School Buses: EPA Launches $5 Billion Program For School Districts To Purchase Electric School Buses.
►SPR: Final Distribution From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Set For December According To DOE.
9. Tobacco: The Latest News From NATO - The National Association of Tobacco Outlets.
10. MPCA Members Can Save Money On:
A. Workers’ Comp Insurance.
B. Health, Property & Liability Insurance.
C. Employee Background Checks.
D. Credit Card Fees.
E. Retailer Alcohol Training.
F. “We Card” Materials.

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